Data freshness, not speed, most important for IoT

The age of sensor data is more important than how fast it takes that information to travel around Internet- and Location-of-Things environments, say some experts. Scientists are, in fact, rethinking the network because of it.

“It’s not enough to transmit data quickly. That data also needs to be fresh,” says MIT in a news release.

The university has been working on better ways to ensure that sensors, which distribute readings for analysis, provide the most salient stuff. It’s not easy because you can’t just send everything at the same time (an obvious solution) — there isn’t enough bandwidth.

Drones, self-driving cars, and other IoT users need the most up-to-date data to work properly: A networked swarm of vehicles won’t work right with second-old position data from one, and newer data from another, for example — they’ll crash into each other. So, identifying what is stale information and what isn’t so you can compensate will become more important than the prior holy grail of minimizing the amount of time data takes to reach a destination, some say. The same idea applies to other IoT sensors. It’s a radical change.

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