Hitachi, HPE and IBM enhance their SSD-based storage products

When three major vendors all make similar product announcements, you know things are cooking in that space. In this case, Hitachi Vantara, HP Enterprise, and IBM all made news around SSD-based storage, much of it related to de-duplication and other ways to get control over data creep.

With users generating gigabytes of data every week, the solution for many enterprises has been to throw storage at it. That can get expensive, especially with SSD. SSD averages about 40 cents per gigabyte, while HDD storage averages about 5 cents per gigabyte.

To get control over data sprawl, storage vendors are offering de-duplication, or in the case of Hitachi Vantara, better de-duplication with their new systems. We’ll run down the news alphabetically.

Hitachi updates its Virtual Storage Platform

Hitachi Vantara is the unifying of three Hitachi companies under one umbrella. It’s not exactly up there with Dell EMC in terms of sales, but nonetheless it has competitive products and continues to plug away at the U.S. market.

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